Sunday Musings from the Porch

Edit: Posting these a day late because I do need to reacquaint myself with WordPress outside of the app again.

Today I’m musing on my porch! It was too nice not to enjoy the sunshine on my rocking chair. Today has been all about patience and listening.

Sometimes I move a little too quickly and my brain goes tumbling down a metaphorical hill that I can’t stop. Finances, cleaning, school prep, health, fitness, food, it doesn’t end.

But my porch is my happy place. My place to find peace. It’s my no think zone where the universe slows to a peaceful rate and I can breathe again.

Maybe that’s why my Sunday musings from my porch are so short- no think zone means no write zone!

Noted for the next time! Happy Sunday (Monday) all!

Until Next Time,


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