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Summer in Wisconsin for the College Kid

It’s done. You’ve struggled. You’ve stressed. You’ve probably cried. You’ve most likely been living off of energy drinks and coffee for the last few weeks. But it’s done and it’s time to relax because summer is here!

But now what?

If you’re anything like me, this is always the tricky part. You spend all of spring semester daydreaming about the glories of summer. However, by the time summer does show up, you haven’t planned anything. Well, I’m going to be honest. I did that again. To counteract it, I’ve made a list of some things to do in Wisconsin over the summer and I wanted to share it with all of you! If you’re not from the Wisconsin area, I’m sure most of these can be tailored for your location.

Go to a drum corps show


See a show at one of the several outdoor Wisconsin theatres (American Players Theatre, Peninsula Players, etc.)


Go to the beach and soak up some sun (on the days when it’s not pouring rain)


Get employed and earn some extra cash


Enjoy the natural Wisconsin scenery at places like Copper Falls or Devil’s Lake

copper falls.jpg

Spend a day being a tourist in your own state by going to Door County

egg harbor

Take an adventure to a bigger city and go to a museum (I’m a personal fan of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago)


Floating down the River in Eau Claire

eau claire.jpg

Binge watch that Netflix show (you’ve earned it)

If you need a recommendation, go take a look at 8 Shows to Binge this Summer


And a bonus one that people normally think of when they’re in Wisconsin:

Head to Wisconsin Dells: the water park capital of the world




Until Next Time,


8 Shows to Binge this Summer

It’s summer time! It feels so good to finally have some free time, right? Kayaking, cookouts, camping are waiting for us in summer. But some days are rainy and getting outside is next to impossible. So here we are, stuck inside with a stack of dishes we just haven’t gotten around to yet and looking for an excuse anywhere to continue putting off the world’s tallest dish mountain.

It’s a good thing that you came here because I have the perfect excuse for you- TV shows. I’ve created a list of shows to watch that are my personal favorites. I’ve watched every one of these shows in their entirety (some two or three times) and each one is fantastic in their own way. Whether they make me laugh until I cry or contemplate my existence, each fulfills their original purpose. Some of these are really popular shows and others are some you may never have heard of before. Either way, give them a chance, watch them and let me know what you think of them in the comments below.

And finally, in no particular  order, 8 shows to binge watch this summer:


Image Source

Need some serious drama in your life and maybe just a touch of historical fiction? Reign is about a young Scottish queen, Mary Queen of Scots, and her battle to save her country in her early queen-hood. Filled with drama, backstabbing, political moves, love triangles and a little bit of magic, this show has a bit of everything to satisfy any viewer. Long may she reign.

Young and Hungry

young and hungry
Image Source

Alright, I admit, when I first saw the commercials for this show, I thought it was going to be really dumb. It’s common knowledge that Freeform (formally called ABC family) is pretty hit or miss for good TV shows, and even then, it usually contains nothing but fluff. With Young and Hungry, it’s exactly that, but in the best of ways.  I can put this show on in the background and get other work done or put my full attention towards it. Young and Hungry follows young culinary blogger, Gabi Diamond, as she works her way to become the next Julia Child. With each episode being no more than 30 minutes long, it’s an easy to watch show that can lift your spirits in a matter of minutes.

John Mulaney New in Town

Image Source

This one isn’t a TV show but it deserved a mention. John Mulaney is a comedian who comments on his early life and the insane life moments he’s come across thus far. If you need some gut wrenching laughs in your life, this is the one to watch. And because it’s only an hour long, it won’t take up your entire day if you have other things to do.

New Girl

New Girl
Image Source

Jess is the new girl on the block. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, she moves in with three random strangers who all happen to be men. With her eccentric personality, she tries to find how she fits in this strange and new group of people. New Girl is a light hearted sitcom with six seasons of laughter, tears, confusion and entertaining content.


Image Source

Everyone knows about Sherlock Holmes but you’ve never seen him like this. BBC reinvented Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s vision by bring Watson, Sherlock and their cases into the 21st century. Tension? Mystery? Humor? I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t watch a whole season in a day.


Image Source

Would a list of good TV shows to watch in the summer be complete without NCIS? NCIS is an American crime series that follows Special Agent Gibbs and his team as they solve crime after crime. With nearly 350 episodes to watch, it’s hard to run out of content with this one.

Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April
Image Source

Before you say anything, let me get this out of the way: ANIME IS NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN. If you really believe that pile of nonsense, go watch the first episode of Attack on Titan. That will change your mind. Or Your Lie in April. Anyways, Your Lie in April is a one season anime that follows a child musical prodigy after he retired for personal reasons. Then, a violinist girl forces him to be her accompanist and now he has to get back up on the stage and face his biggest fears. If you want a show that is going to give you the serious feels every time you watch it, Your Lie in April is perfect for you! I cried many, MANY times while watching it, and there’s only 13 episodes, each about 25 minutes in length.

Death Parade

Death Parade
Image Source

Do you want to contemplate your entire existence? Rather, do you want to contemplate what happens to you when you die? Well, step into the world of Death Parade and have a seat at Quindecim bar. This series spawned from a short film called Death Billiards. It follows Decim, a bartender who determines what will happen with the souls of the people who come into his bar. Will they be reincarnated or cast into the void? This is another fantastic anime with so many hidden gems and will leave you thinking long after you turn off your TV.


There are plenty more TV shows out there, but these ones are some of my current favorites that I think more people need to see. Do you have a favorite TV series you think I should watch? Tell me about them in the comments!


Unitl Next Time,

Dana Qualy

My Bullet Journal

I was a procrastination queen for years. No matter what I did, I would put everything off until the last minute. I’d do it eventually and it would be completed on time and done well, but it would take forever. Why was I like this? I don’t know. Maybe because I don’t like being forced to do things or because I’d rather read a book than finish that 10 page paper. The answer still remains unclear. But then my sister introduced me to this thing called “the bullet journal” a few months back. At first I thought it was kind of dumb. Why not get a planner? Why not put it in your phone? Why not do literally anything but this journal? It will take forever to set up and that will just trigger my procrastination. But Layne used her big sister powers and pressured me to make one until I caved.

I owe Layne an apology. Just a second:

Layne, I’m sorry. You were right. Yes, write that one down for the history books. I admit that you were completely right about the bullet journal. It is amazing.

Bullet journal 3

Okay I’m back. OH MY GOD. I am obsessed. I have never been so organized and prepared in my life. For those that don’t know what the bullet journal is, it’s an organization system designed so you can track any and all of your latest projects and events. Basically, the bullet journal consists of four major components: Index, the Future Log (or the Year in Review), the Monthly Log, and the Daily Log. These four components come together so you can maintain every single aspect of your life all in one journal and not in multiple planners or notebooks. You can see more about it in this video that the creator of the bullet journal made here.

I have kept up with mine and I can’t stop. Every morning I sit down for breakfast and plan my day using the bullet journal. I have trackers for assignments, bills and other miscellaneous goals. The best part about this system is I have complete control over how I organize it. I can use whatever notebook, designs and concepts I want. I can make it as decorative or as simple as I want it to be.

Bullet Journal2

Yes, I’ll admit it. It does take some time to set up, but I’m proud of it and I want to keep up with it! I get my tasks done with less stress and I have been accomplishing my goals at a steady rate instead of the night before. My favorite parts of my bullet journal are my trackers and future log. The trackers provide a lot of structure and give a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project. The future log allows me to put all of my future dates in one place so I don’t double book myself.

If you’re nervous about starting a bullet journal because you don’t know where to start, there’s also a whole community of people who bullet journal where you can share ideas so you literally can’t run out of ideas! All you have to do is type in “bullet journal” to your google search, pinterest, facebook, instagram or pretty much any other social media site out there. I’ve made a Pinterest board that is slowly growing full of Bullet Journal pins if you want to check it out: There’s also a website that the founder created to help beginners start their journals and seasoned journalers keep themselves in check with it.

So if you see me in person and we get onto the subject of bullet journals? I will fawn over mine like a grandma does to their grandchild at Christmas. And I’m just not sorry about it. 🙂

Basically what I’m saying is y’all need a bullet journal in your lives. What do you use to plan out your lives? Are you bullet journal obsessed like me or do you have another approach? Let me know in the comments!


Until Next Time,

Dana Qualy

To the Undeclared Majors

If you don’t have a major, you’ve probably heard the following from relatives, friends, professors:

“When are you going to pick a major?”
“If you don’t pick one soon, you’ll be in school even longer and have to pay more money.”
“You should think about what will give you the best career in the long run.”
“Be realistic.”

If you’re like me, you were cringing while reading that. Those kinds of remarks are so annoying. Here’s what I have to say to that:

Thank you for your advice. I’m sure you mean well. Now please get your nose out of my business.

I was an undecided major for my first year of college and I remember adults not leaving me alone about it until I finally did have a major and I understood why. They had my best interests at heart and because I’m young, they feel the need to bestow their advice upon me so I don’t make mistakes. But what they didn’t know is that I knew all of those comments because I would say them to myself pretty much every day of the week. I didn’t need another person (stranger or not) telling me.

Making a choice about a major isn’t easy and we all know that, at some point, a decision is going to have to be made. Want to hear how I made mine?

A sweatshirt.

Yes. You read that right. I was in my second semester of my freshman year and I wanted to sport some college pride. So I went into the university shop and grabbed a cheap, generic grey sweatshirt and headed back to my dorm. It wasn’t until that I realized that not only did it say UWSP, it also said College of Fine Arts and Communication.

The problem with that was that I was not a part of the College of Fine Arts and Communication or any college for that matter. So I interviewed for the BA Drama major in the Department of Theatre and Dance a month later, and for whatever reason, the professors picked me. Mind you, I had been thinking about interviewing for the program for a long time, but that accidental purchase is what pushed me to go through with it and try for a major that I love. Maybe that’s fate or maybe that makes me completely crazy. Maybe both.

So to all the undeclared major out there, here’s my advice to you:

“When are you going to pick a major?”

When you please. If you find a general field of study that you enjoy, then apply for that general major. You can always narrow your scope later.

“If you don’t pick one soon you’ll be in school even longer and have to pay more money.”

Okay, I can’t argue with that. If you wait until your fourth year of college to pick a major and you have credits all over the spectrum, you will be there longer than you intended. Again, try to find a general field of study you enjoy and take as many credits as you can in that field. Most likely, you’ll choose a major from that field of study and all those credits you’ve taken will apply to your major so you can graduate on time.

“Think about what will give you the best career in the long run.”

The best career for you. Do you love it? Good! While it’s not always necessary, it’s probably a good idea to have your major correlate with your future career.

“Be realistic.”

Yes. Be realistic about what’s right for you. Not your mom. Not your mentors. Not your grandparents. You. If you love it enough, you will have the drive to make it work and succeed. It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds to other people. If it’s what you want, then go for it!


Until Next Time,


Dana Qualy

Wanna be a College Blogger?

College kids are weird. I can vouch for this because I’m a college kid and I’m super weird. Mind you, they’re incredible and can do incredible things, but they are SO WEIRD. Why? It’s the first time they’re on their own and get to do whatever they want: watch TV all day, drink until their livers hate them, stay up for 76 hours straight, and other random stuff. I’ve seen college kids build entire companies and I’ve also seen college kids break into the football field at two in the morning so they could have a light saber battle the week before finals. It varies.

College students also become a lot more vocal once they set foot on campus. For the first 18 years of their lives, they only know their town’s opinions and interpretations of the outside world. College is the start of cultural expansion for many and are no longer shielded from media content and activist programs. It’s the first time they really begin to formulate opinions and have an open dialogue with other curious minds.

They share opinions in tons of different ways. As a weird college student, I have found my favorite method of sharing opinions is face to face. When that option isn’t available, my second favorite option is through my blog, and I’m not alone in that respect. The blogging sphere is continuously increasing and filling with more student bloggers every day. As a college blogger for the last few months, I’ve learned a lot. I have a small, semi-regular audience and my blogger voice is developing (well, I hope so. What do you think?). I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way as well: irregular posts, too large of a website, etc. Tons of people are gaining an interest in the blogging world. If starting a blog is something you’re interested in doing, here are five tips to help you out:


Figure out how serious you are about blogging.

I definitely recommend doing a mini trial run. Start by typing a couple of posts and if you like what you’re doing, then go ahead and put in the work to make a website. If you don’t, then nothing is lost! If you’re not having fun, don’t do it! There’s no point torturing yourself. Go do something you enjoy (like reading My Bright Corner).


If you’re serious, invest in a domain

So you do like writing articles? Perfect! Welcome to the community! If you’d like to keep your articles all in one place and have a fully functioning website, you should invest in a domain and find a content management system. There are lots of different options but my personal favorite is WordPress.


Plan Ahead

Let’s be real: you’re a busy college student. You have stuff to do. Be realistic about how often you’ll be able to post and make sure you incorporate writing time into your weekly schedule. If you don’t, you won’t write and you’ll website will fizzle out.

I am the world’s biggest procrastinator. I have set a goal for myself to write three blog posts a month and if I don’t set a goal date, I will wait until the end of month to post anything. By planning ahead, I can stay on track for writing my blog posts and not feel stressed out later.


Rough Drafts are a Beautiful Thing

If I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: I LOVE ROUGH DRAFTS. A blog post isn’t a last minute paper for that gen. Ed. class you barely attend. This is your work that you enjoy doing in your free time. You should want to try to make it look as nice as you can and a rough draft or two can help with that.


Create a Blog that Works for YOU and KEEP GOING.

The most popular types of blogs may not be what you want to write about. Don’t feel pressured to create a blog with popular content because that’s what everyone else is doing. Create a blog with content that you love and you like writing about.

Also, you may feel a lot of anxiety when you go to share your work for a variety of reasons: fear of negative response, that it’s not your best, etc. If it’s out of your control, don’t stress. You’re a new blogger and you’re learning. The most important thing is that you’re happy doing what you’re doing. Whether one person reads it or a million, a blog that makes YOU, the writer, happy is what should be at the top of your priority list.


So welcome new bloggers! Happy typing!


Until Next Time,

The Last 8 Weeks

College students are finally coming back from break! Since I didn’t go anywhere for spring break, I saw the ghost town that Stevens Point became without the hustle and bustle of the university people. It was quite boring. Not much to talk about there.

Now that everyone’s back, it’s nice to see some movement in the town again. Students are back and ready to finish their semester. A lot of people refer to this time of year as the last half of the spring semester, but I like to fondly refer to it as:

The 8 Weeks Straight from Hell.

I swear the time lords of the universe like to slow down time as much as they possibly can and convince mother nature to do anything and everything in her power to make life unbearable during the months of March and April. Because of my undeniable hatred for this time of year, it’s only fair that I explain my despise of these 8 weeks with a little list. Here goes:

The weather is beautiful when you have class.

Why is it that on the most beautiful of days you are trapped in the world’s most boring class with a front row seat to staring at the glorious, untouchable outdoors? Torture.

The weather is garbage on your days off.

The very second you get some free time it’s a monsoon outside. Proof that mother nature hates everything.

The days get longer and so does your to do list.

Because it’s the second half of the semester, the homework assignments are piling up (mainly because you didn’t do any work over spring break).

You lose an hour of sleep.

What kind of monster does that to a person?!

You still have to study for finals and other exams despite how distractedly gorgeous it is outside.

A moment of silence for my social life.

Your soon to be graduating friends have a bad case of the contagious senioritis.

Protip: whatever you do, do NOT catch this disease in the early years of college. Otherwise, lord have mercy upon your GPA.

You’re going to have to say goodbye to your graduating friends which is always sad.

It’s beautiful outside. I don’t want to be crying.

The dorms aren’t air conditioned so when it gets hot, it gets HOT.

And then everyone opens their windows but forget to secure their doors open so it’s the season of door slamming as well as the season of everything being on fire.

The hotter the weather gets, the clearer you idiocy becomes for leaving your summer clothes at home.

Why did I leave my favorite pair of shorts at home? I DON’T KNOW. They would’ve fit in my bag. They’re shorts! They can fit anywhere!

Heavy backpacks + hot, humid days= a sweaty, gross me.

Please don’t look at me and my grossness.


The only upside to these 8 terrible weeks:

It ends.


Do you agree with this list? Do you have any additional reasons to love or despise this time of year? Let me know!


Until next time,



How to Stay Motivated When You’d Rather Do Nothing

I don’t know if it’s the winter weather or maybe my lack of a schedule, but I have no motivation to do anything! Do you ever feel this way? My productivity level is nonexistent. I haven’t written anything, gone anywhere or done anything in days. Days. I haven’t even watched Netflix. Mind you, doing nothing can be beneficial. However, it’s not good when you do it multiple days in a row and are slowly becoming one with the blankets, never to see the light of day again.

If you’re also feeling this way, I’ve created a list of tips and tricks to help us both get back on track. Hopefully something on this list will work and fast. Stay tuned.

1) Plan it Out

A written list of all the things you have to do is a double edged sword. While it is great to have everything written down so you can cross it off as you accomplish task after task, the size of the initial list can be paralyzing especially if you have a lot to do. Something that I like to do when I make my to do list is to fold the paper in half. On one side, create the big, scary to do list that has everything on it in no particular order. Then on the other side of the paper, section it off into days (or hours depending on how much time you have) and separate the tasks into those days. That way, you don’t have to do everything all at once and the list becomes more manageable.

2) Have a Clean Space

The more disorganized I am, the less productive I am. Because there are dishes in my sink and clothes on my floor as I’m writing this, my need to write this article is dwindling by the second. Trust me, I know that the correlation between my dishes and my writing is zero, but that does not stop my brain from going, “You have dirty dishes?! You can’t possibly write because there’s a mess in your apartment and therefore your thoughts will also be messy!” And then I stop writing.

So go clean up and do those petty tasks first. If your work space is clean and organized, you’ll probably have an easier time getting your work done. Plus, it’s a productive procrastination tool: you’re still getting small tasks done on your list while avoiding the larger, more intimidating ones until you have the courage to face them.

3) Clean Yourself Up

Yes, I can see those clothes you’ve been wearing for the last three days. If you go clean up, you’ll feel better and smell nicer. You’ll probably be more productive too. Just a thought.

4) Work in Short Increments

So now your living space is clean, you’re clean and your to do list is ready. It’s time to really sit down and work. You know that phrase “work smarter, not harder?” Well, one way to work smarter is by working in short bursts. How short? Well, no less than 15 minutes but no more than 45. Then try to take a 10-15 minute break after each work session. The time limitations are up to you, really. The longer you work, the longer your break should be.

I’m a big fan of working in 20 minute increments with a 5 minute break in between. It’s just a long enough period of time for me to make some serious progress on my work but short enough that I’m not exhausting myself either. Again, every person is different, so make sure your set your time constraints to what works best for you.

5) Acknowledge Your Progress

Did you get all of your work done? Congrats! You did amazing! We are all very proud and you should be too.

If you’re like me, maybe you didn’t get as far in your to do list as you had planned today, but you did do something and that’s awesome too! Especially since a few hours ago there was nothing crossed off your task list and your living space was a disaster. Be proud of the work that you did get done today and start again tomorrow. No worries.

6) Reward Yourself

If you got some of your work done, a little reward. If you got all of your work done, a bigger reward. You earned it. Enjoy it!


I hope this list helped you as much as it helped me. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go do my laundry and clean my dishes so I can continue working! I hope your day will be as productive as mine!


Until next time,




5 Reasons to Join Greek Life

From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. I’m talking about Greek life! A new semester is starting and as every college student knows, all campus organizations push recruitment during the first month of school. This includes the Greek Orgs!

I am a part of an international sorority called Delta Phi Epsilon (“the Deephers” as we like to call ourselves). Joining was one of the best decisions I  could have made. I, like many people out there, was very hesitant about Greek life at first. I had a lot of preconceived notions about sororities and sorority girls. However, my roommate took me to a recruitment event, I fell in love with the sorority and the rest is history.

Each person has their reasons for joining Greek life. In honor of recruitment season, I,  in true Deepher fashion, have collected 5 reasons to join a sorority or fraternity.



We play hard together and work hard together. Contrary to popular belief, Greek members work their butts off at school. Academics are important. It’s the number one reason you’re in college. In order to be a member in good standing in your sorority or fraternity, you have to keep your grades up. But you’re not in it alone. Most sororities and fraternities have an executive member of academics that makes sure all the members are on track and can offer assistance when/if needed. Plus,  the chances are good that at least one of your new brothers or sisters are in the same major and you. Now you can study together to ace that next test!



Being a part of Greek life is the perfect opportunity to enhance your communication and networking skills. It’s here where you can learn to work with and relate to others in a variety of situations and grow as a leader. The opportunities are endless!



Every sorority or fraternity has their philanthropies they give back to. Delta Phi Epsilon works with the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, ANAD (Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) and CFF (the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation). We get to do a series of really fun events to raise money for our philanthropies every semester. Donating time is a great way to enhance your resume, bond with others and give back to the community.



Do you have dreams and goals? Greek life is for you!  When you become a member, your sorority or fraternity becomes your family. And a family supports each other through thick and thin. Greek life is the place to grow and expand as a person. Your sorority or fraternity will push you to achieve your personal aspirations and challenge you to be your best self. And if you fail? Your chapter will be there to support you and get you moving in the right direction again. No matter what, Greek life has got your back. Always.



It’s not just four years. It’s for life. When you join Greek life, you become a part of a massive network of people who only want your success.  If you’re fortunate enough to be a part of a national or international sorority or fraternity, the network only gets bigger! It’s in Greek life where you can find a home away from home through bonds and connections that you will have forever.

I have one piece of advice: Don’t let others steer you away from joining Greek life if you’re interested. There was a professor in my department who would openly say to potential first year students that joining Greek life is pointless if you’re a part of the department. I’m a theatre major and yes, I have the best theatre family a girl could ask for, but my sorority fam is just as incredible and supportive.

It doesn’t matter what you major is, where you’re from or where you’re going, if you want to be a part of something amazing, attend a recruitment event. Be yourself and get to know the members and what they stand for so you can find the perfect Greek organization for you. You may be surprised what you find.

Happy recruitment!


Until next time,


Winter Break in College

College is hard. There is no getting around that little nugget of life. Homework, essays, projects, quizzes, exams, finals (tailor this list as your major sees fit). Do you remember when you thought high school finals were hard? Yeah, that was laughable compared to college finals. We were so naive then.

College finals are like the giant beetle standing behind the tiny ant princess in Bug’s Life when they’re scaring away the grasshoppers. They just have a certain horror about them. The goal isn’t to pass any of the finals, merely to survive them. I won’t lie, I almost didn’t come out of some of my finals. Brutal.

But then, by some miracle, you make it out on the other side of the semester and the greatest part of the whole year comes: winter break. Or… is it the best part? There’s a lot of good and bad to the almighty winter break and I’ve articulated some of them here:


PRO: If you live in an apartment near campus, it’s a month of hanging out with friends and binge watching every show you’ve been meaning to catch up on for months now.

You upperclassmen will understand the amazing freedom you obtain when you finally own your own place at college. It’s your home now and you can do whatever you want.

winterbreakCON: If you don’t live in an apartment, you have to go home and live under close supervision of your parents

However, if you’re a freshman, you go home for winter break. Which is fun for about 3 days. After getting that taste of freedom for the last three months, coming home and living under someone else’s rules can get real old, real fast.



Need I say more?

CON: Driving to wherever Christmas is being celebrated

The danger of sitting with your family in one car for hours is real. The tension is palpable.


CON: Going back to school

It’s hard to find motivation to go back when you’ve done nothing for a month.

PRO: Getting to see all of your friends and favorite professors

Sometimes the only motivation to go back to school is to make contact with other humans.


PRO: Catching up on sleep

Let’s be honest, during winter break, we’re practically in committed relationships with our beds.

CON: Oversleeping is just as bad as under sleeping

You can set all the alarms you want, but you know that you’re going to ignore all of them.


13534381_1799672676930733_1572573512_nPRO: The break is a month long

The recovery time is necessary. Not only did you study your brains out for three months, you also had work, organizations and you were near at least 2,000 other people constantly. That’s exhausting. After a semester like that, who wouldn’t want a whole month off of school?

CON: Time means nothing after the New Year.

That second week in January I definitely started having  full conversations with my dog. I was losing it.


PRO: New Years Eve


CON: New Years Morning

*cough* Hell fire.


PRO: Your family cooks you free food

Anything that isn’t dining hall food is amazing at this point.

CON: You know you’re going to have to join a gym

It’s okay though. It’s January so there are a bunch of deals at the gyms. Hooray for student discounts, am I right?


PRO: Watching the high schoolers go back to school on the third

There’s nothing more satisfying than this.

CON: There isn’t one. Seriously. None. Congrats on not being in high school and getting a real break.

You go get that nap and enjoy your break!


Until next time,