Hello All!

This is My Bright Corner: a very bright corner on a very dark internet. My name is Dana and it’s nice to meet you!

meI’m a 20 year old who is always looking for something new and exciting whether it be a new place to travel, book to read, friend to learn about or anything in between. Like any other millennial, I have a deep connection (addiction) with social media and the internet in general. Over time, I’ve found the internet is filled with dark and sad material and it brings down my mood. I then thought to myself, “Self! Why not do something about it and make it a bit more cheery?”

So I have found myself here, dusting off the corner of the internet, giving it a fresh coat of paint, sitting myself down and filling it with happy thoughts: stories, fundraising, inspiration, puppies, puns, coffee and anything else that will warm hearts.

In addition to the happy thoughts, I am in the middle of a life changing adventure: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and am now cancer free! As I start assimilate to regular life again, I’d like to share with you my journey to recovery and whatever may lay beyond.

With that being said, please pull up a chair and stay as long as you’d like. There’s always a place for you in my bright corner!

Thank you!

Dana Qualy