The Best Company at Unicorn City

After living in a dorm with 400 other people for two and half years, I’ve learned to appreciate alone time. Today is the first day in well over a month that I’ve had completely to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much an extrovert. I love people and spending time with them. This past week was very exciting because I had so many people come over to the Unicorn City. (Fun fact: for those that don’t know, my apartment is also called Unicorn City because I own a clan of unicorn stuffed animals. And yes, they’re all named thank you very much.)

I love visiting with people and it’s always good fun when they come over, but there is something really sweet about having a day to myself. It gives me a chance to recharge and do all the things I can’t do when company is over: watch my favorite shows, eat mac and cheese from the pan, doing the dishes and, of course, sleeping. On days to myself I will stay in bed way past a socially acceptable time to be in bed. But hey! I’m alone! There’s no one here to judge. Except for Milo, but he’s my fish. He won’t tell on me.

It’s really important to be able live with others, but a lesson that a lot of parents forget to teach being able to live with yourself. I mean, people come and go but you are stuck with you. Forever. And if you don’t like yourself, that’s a big problem.

Now hold up. You’re probably thinking, “Dana is saying that if I don’t like me, I need to change everything about me.” NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’m sure that you’re a lovely person and chances are I’d like you if I met you (hi, by the way). However, if you don’t like yourself, I encourage you to change how you think about yourself. Instead of viewing yourself in a negative light, try something more positive.

Currently, for me, I have a really hard time accepting my body. It’s not as strong as it used to be a couple months ago and my body is what limits me from performing at 100%. But you know what? My body is mine. It’s beautiful. It may be annoying at times, but it’s healing. And I can live with that and love my body for what it is and what it will become.

Being alone can be hard because it is closely related to the world of loneliness. But being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Be your best company you’ve had over at your home. I know I’m my best company!


Until next time,



Have you ever gone to bed and right as you’re about to fall asleep you think of all the amazing things that you could do with your life? You could be skydiving in the tropics right now! Well, maybe not right now but the idea certainly beats having to get up at the crack of dawn and scraping the ice off your car so you can get to work. I had one of those thoughts three nights ago. It screamed for my whole brain kingdom to hear, “LET’S MAKE A BLOG.” I ignored it because it was 2 in the morning and I wanted to sleep, but it was an interesting idea to say the least.

When I woke up the next morning, I texted my best friend about the idea and within seconds I hear back, “Yes. Do it.” That was all the encouragement I needed. I didn’t even know what I was going to write about but I was going to do it and gosh darn it, it was going to be fun if I had anything to say about it.

I found WordPress, got a domain and started working. I learned many a thing from this:

Rough drafts are real.

this-week2They’re not just something your 8th grade English teacher made up so you’d have extra homework. It’s a real thing and should be utilized (I’m looking at you college students). Everything that ends up on this site starts on paper. The titles, ideas, number of photos for a post, etc. Then half of it gets scrapped and the rest gets typed. And retyped. And retyped. And retyped. AND RETYPED until eventually it becomes something that can be posted for all the people of the internet to read.

I am a terrible web designer.

It’s only my third day! Give me a break. I’m still learning how this all works. If you have advice, please comment below because… yeah. You’ve seen my site. You know.

A stable internet connection is a beautiful thing.

This week I’ve been home at my parent’s house and they live out in the country. I’m sure you can imagine my frustration as the connection would fade in and out while I’m trying to add photos to the homepage. (My dogs learned some fun, questionable words this week too.)

this-weekAnd now here we are. Me typing away on my computer and you reading away on yours. I’m sure the list of things I learned could go on for miles. I mean, that’s kind of why I created my bright corner in the first place. I want to do something new. I want to learn as much as anyone who reads this page would learn. Besides, the world is a terrible place. It’s true. You go to any news outlet and you see nothing but sad, depressing news articles. But there’s a lot of good in this world too and I want to shed some light on it. I want us to learn about the good together.