Blogging From Bed

I’ve gotta say, it’s nice. It’s Saturday evening, my boyfriend is playing some video games beside me and life is good. Im sitting in bed with my water and some low light while I write this up and muse a bit.

My view, while a bit messy, is definitely my happy place!

When I first started this blog, my objective was to share my story. At the time, my biggest life story was my cancer journey and I wanted to share that with you all! But being that I’m better now (don’t worry- I’ll write up my story from the last few years with that), where does that leave this website? Pretty much exactly the same- kind of.

I think the name still holds true- My Bright Corner. And I’ll be keeping it just as that. This is my bright corner and right now that’s in my bed, enjoying the rain outside and the peace in my home. Where is your bright corner? Where do you find yourself at the time you have the most joy?

That’s what made this such a difficult project to come back to time and again in the last couple years- I didn’t have joy when I worked on it. When I started this blog, it was a hobby. I liked writing. I liked musing about my day, the dogs and good recipes. But as time moved forward, I moved to a more business structure and it sucked all the fun out of it. And you know what that means!

I’m trying something different! And if I’m being honest? Hopefully you won’t notice because it’s all behind the scenes.

WordPress (the site I use to host my blog) has a phone app I recently downloaded. This is excellent because that means I get to write this entire post from my phone texting style. Mind you, I’ve still got some work I need to do on a computer and I’ll get there, but texting out these posts are something else.

And it has reduced the pressure to write tremendously! I’ll let you know how it goes and I hope you let me know too. Let me know if you see a difference, positive or negative, in what you find from my page. This was always supposed to be a relaxed place of peace and I’m working to keep it that way.

Life doesn’t need to be too serious, so why not write some blog posts by texting? I’ll tell you something- it makes me want to write a whole lot more. I’m realizing I have a lot I want to share. But I’ll leave this post where it’s at. Thanks!

Until Next Time,