The Last 8 Weeks

College students are finally coming back from break! Since I didn’t go anywhere for spring break, I saw the ghost town that Stevens Point became without the hustle and bustle of the university people. It was quite boring. Not much to talk about there.

Now that everyone’s back, it’s nice to see some movement in the town again. Students are back and ready to finish their semester. A lot of people refer to this time of year as the last half of the spring semester, but I like to fondly refer to it as:

The 8 Weeks Straight from Hell.

I swear the time lords of the universe like to slow down time as much as they possibly can and convince mother nature to do anything and everything in her power to make life unbearable during the months of March and April. Because of my undeniable hatred for this time of year, it’s only fair that I explain my despise of these 8 weeks with a little list. Here goes:

The weather is beautiful when you have class.

Why is it that on the most beautiful of days you are trapped in the world’s most boring class with a front row seat to staring at the glorious, untouchable outdoors? Torture.

The weather is garbage on your days off.

The very second you get some free time it’s a monsoon outside. Proof that mother nature hates everything.

The days get longer and so does your to do list.

Because it’s the second half of the semester, the homework assignments are piling up (mainly because you didn’t do any work over spring break).

You lose an hour of sleep.

What kind of monster does that to a person?!

You still have to study for finals and other exams despite how distractedly gorgeous it is outside.

A moment of silence for my social life.

Your soon to be graduating friends have a bad case of the contagious senioritis.

Protip: whatever you do, do NOT catch this disease in the early years of college. Otherwise, lord have mercy upon your GPA.

You’re going to have to say goodbye to your graduating friends which is always sad.

It’s beautiful outside. I don’t want to be crying.

The dorms aren’t air conditioned so when it gets hot, it gets HOT.

And then everyone opens their windows but forget to secure their doors open so it’s the season of door slamming as well as the season of everything being on fire.

The hotter the weather gets, the clearer you idiocy becomes for leaving your summer clothes at home.

Why did I leave my favorite pair of shorts at home? I DON’T KNOW. They would’ve fit in my bag. They’re shorts! They can fit anywhere!

Heavy backpacks + hot, humid days= a sweaty, gross me.

Please don’t look at me and my grossness.


The only upside to these 8 terrible weeks:

It ends.


Do you agree with this list? Do you have any additional reasons to love or despise this time of year? Let me know!


Until next time,



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