Cat Naps for People

This was a very quiet week for me. Aside from a chemo treatment and watching Big Bang Theory with mom, I haven’t been doing a lot. It’s a healing week for me and during healing weeks, I sleep. A lot. Last night I slept 14 hours straight (it’s true. Ask my mom.) Sometimes it’s good sleep and other times it’s some of the worst sleep I’ve ever had. There is a reason I went comatose for 6 hours in the middle of a work day and that was to come out on the other side feeling better! Not like I was hit by a bus! Sigh… I digress.

I’ve come to appreciate sleep a lot more than I used to. When I was still a full time college student, I’d pull at least one all nighter every couple weeks. It helped that I was naturally a night owl and I am productive in the dark, but the day after that all nighter was the absolute worst. Actually, the next few days were all around terrible. I’d have to get readjusted to a regular sleep schedule again all while trying to attend my classes. The 2-3 days post-all nighter sleeps were never refreshing. It was just a week of me being a groggy monster and everyone knew it. It didn’t matter how much coffee I drank, I might as well have had a huge sign plastered on my chest saying, “I pulled an all nighter. If you don’t want to die, run in the opposite direction like in a King Kong movie and I am King Kong. RAWR!”

Now, sleep has become a necessity and not just because I’m recovering. If I have to fall asleep for a few hours, then I have to do that and trust me, I will. I think it’s something a lot more people should do. Even if it’s a quick 10 minute nap during  a lunch break, people need sleep. It helps us being more alert, more focused and gives us an energy boost. I once read (probably on a Pinterest post) that the most optimum nap time is 26 minutes long. It’s just enough to give you a boost but not enough to put you in a REM cycle. So remember that for when you need a quick pick me up but don’t want to down another cup of heart-racing coffee.


Until next time,