A Year of Me Figuring it Out

If you’re not into swear words, I highly recommend not reading the next year’s worth of content because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be full of swear words. Sorry not sorry in advance and for the impact my words have on your eyeballs (Sorry mom. Love you!)

I am tired of structure. I think because of how much structure I’ve incorporated into my life after college (meals, finances, work, etc.), there’s nowhere for my chaos to go and it leaves my brain very cluttered and filled with some straight nonsense making it quite difficult to sort what is what. I’ve decided that since I originally wrote this blog for me I’m going to keep to that theme and start creating whatever it is that drives me.

If you go back and read some of my old stuff, you’ll see that I try to have some sort of header, main content and a feel-good ending or some theme I’m trying to get across that day. Even now I’m still sub-consciously writing this post in a “blogger’s voice” or whatever it’s called.

And you know what? That type of content is BORING ME RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to write tiny essays on the 10 ways Cancer Impacted My Life or How I Got an Internship I Forgot I Applied For (both of which are sitting in my drafts. Maybe I’ll publish them. Who knows).

I want some weird content that’s all over the place. I want poems that might be love letters to a stranger or 3am thoughts that mostly make sense but probably not. I want to write posts that are all of a sentence long but make me think about its purpose for HOURS. I want to put up my art that’s really not great but I’m proud of it because I made it. I want to create videos and talk about my favorite plants while sitting in my bed eating some popcorn.

I want to look back on this and think, “Wow. 24-year-old Dana is learning and growing and falling in love with being a creator again.”

I want to allow chaos to reign control over my blog because it’s more fun for me to be creative in an open structured environment rather than feeling the pressure to follow a cookie-cutter structure that every 20-something blogger has.

I like freedom in my art. I’m not in college anymore and I’m not making this blog for a grade or to please anyone.

Perfection is not the game. But joy is.

So I’m going to have some fun this year (wherever it can be found) and share. You get the pleasure of seeing the unscripted and unedited Dana brain unfold on your screen. Have fun! And honestly? Good luck.

Until Next Time,



Have you ever gone to bed and right as you’re about to fall asleep you think of all the amazing things that you could do with your life? You could be skydiving in the tropics right now! Well, maybe not right now but the idea certainly beats having to get up at the crack of dawn and scraping the ice off your car so you can get to work. I had one of those thoughts three nights ago. It screamed for my whole brain kingdom to hear, “LET’S MAKE A BLOG.” I ignored it because it was 2 in the morning and I wanted to sleep, but it was an interesting idea to say the least.

When I woke up the next morning, I texted my best friend about the idea and within seconds I hear back, “Yes. Do it.” That was all the encouragement I needed. I didn’t even know what I was going to write about but I was going to do it and gosh darn it, it was going to be fun if I had anything to say about it.

I found WordPress, got a domain and started working. I learned many a thing from this:

Rough drafts are real.

this-week2They’re not just something your 8th grade English teacher made up so you’d have extra homework. It’s a real thing and should be utilized (I’m looking at you college students). Everything that ends up on this site starts on paper. The titles, ideas, number of photos for a post, etc. Then half of it gets scrapped and the rest gets typed. And retyped. And retyped. And retyped. AND RETYPED until eventually it becomes something that can be posted for all the people of the internet to read.

I am a terrible web designer.

It’s only my third day! Give me a break. I’m still learning how this all works. If you have advice, please comment below because… yeah. You’ve seen my site. You know.

A stable internet connection is a beautiful thing.

This week I’ve been home at my parent’s house and they live out in the country. I’m sure you can imagine my frustration as the connection would fade in and out while I’m trying to add photos to the homepage. (My dogs learned some fun, questionable words this week too.)

this-weekAnd now here we are. Me typing away on my computer and you reading away on yours. I’m sure the list of things I learned could go on for miles. I mean, that’s kind of why I created my bright corner in the first place. I want to do something new. I want to learn as much as anyone who reads this page would learn. Besides, the world is a terrible place. It’s true. You go to any news outlet and you see nothing but sad, depressing news articles. But there’s a lot of good in this world too and I want to shed some light on it. I want us to learn about the good together.