The Good in the Week

A Colorful ‘Landing’ on Pluto

Do you want to know what it’s like to walk on Pluto? Check it out!

Italy avalanche: Survivor tells of 58-hour ordeal

A touching story of survival

A new police beat in China: Smog

Those in China are taking a stand against environmental damage.

‘The Hobbit’ book returned after 38-year unexpected journey

You won’t believe where this book went.

4-Year-Old Boy Is Able to Take His First Steps Thanks to Donation From a Stranger

A story to warm your hearts.

See Earth and Its Moon From Mars in Stunning New NASA Photo

NASA has captured this unique perspective of the earth and the moon together

The Island Paradise with the Magic Bell

For those with an adventurous spirit

A new police beat in China: Smog

Those in China are taking a stand against environmental damage.

Mississippi State team helps woman after car accident

Good people are still doing good things for others.

Sisters reunite with long-lost mother after 40 years

A story to warm your hearts.

Top 7 Must-See Sky Events for 2017

Grab your telescopes this year! You’re going to see some amazing sites in the sky.

Woman leaves entire $1.2 million estate to animal shelter

A Christmas gift beyond words for the animals

A pregnant restaurant server gets a $900 tip

Good people do good things for others. Check out the pay it forward this server received.

Bears Ears and Gold Butte: Obama creates two nature preserves

With the days counting down in Obama’s term as President, he continues to find ways to focus on protecting land and water sites across the nation from being drilled.

Girl, great-grandmother found alive days after vanishing in Virginia woods

A girl and her great grandmother are found after being stranded going on a holiday trip.

Watch a Newborn Elephant Rescued and Reunited With Its Mother

National Geographic follows and videos the whole thing as it took place in Kenya

Of drones, toys and hedgehogs: Michelle Obama tracks Santa

First Lady Michelle Obama continues the tradition of calling kids on Christmas who have questions about Santa.

Minimum wage going up in 21 states, 22 cities

Starting in 2017, millions will be getting an increase in pay.

Grandmother Sue Percival’s stolen presents replaced

There are good people out there in the world!

16-year-old pivots from a Kenyan slum to the ballet stage

Don’t forget to go after your dreams and make them goals like Joel Kioko.

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