I’m not a fan of it, but I’m learning how to deal with it

Hello World!

So the big topic that we have decided to discuss this month is change. Now, change is not my favorite thing to deal with. I like routine. I like the familiar and I feel a bit discombobulated whenever I get thrown out of it. That is not to say that I have not worked on trying to get better with it.

In my life, I would say that there have been four major changes in my life that have impacted me and thrown me for a major loop. The first major change was when I was seven. My family moved from the town where I was born (Janesville) to a whole new town (Portage) about an hour and a half away from everything that I had known. The second major change in my life was when I moved to a new state to go to college (in Winona) and my parents moved from the town that had become my home (Portage) to a new town (Elkhorn) the same week. The third major change was when I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and moved back in with my parents (in Elkhorn) for nine months before I started my Graduate program. And so naturally the fourth change was when I moved back to Winona, started a new course of study, a new job, and lived in my own apartment for the first time.

I will not try to sell you that I was happy with most of the changes (although I was pretty happy with my move after I graduated from Undergrad). In fact if you were to ask my Dad how I was when I found out about any of the moves, how I was during the moves, and quite possibly how I was for the year after each move, he would probably tell you that I would be described as  happy camper. But I survived each one and can now look back and say that they each helped me grow.

The one change that I learned the most about myself was when I moved to Winona for my undergrad. I learned how to create my own schedule and stick to it. I learned that I could create relationships with people without having to have someone that I trusted standing next to me. I learned how to balance my life so that I didn’t get overwhelmed or too stressed (stress in itself is unavoidable in life I am afraid). I even picked up photography and started to draw more with that move. But that is not to say that there were not many days and nights when my loneliness was not all consuming or that I worked myself up overthinking every part of my life. That is not to say that there were not times that I wanted to jump in a car and go back to my home in Portage and hide out in my basement (it is probably a good thing that I did not have a car with me for the entirety of my Undergrad…). But slowly but surely I tested something new, when I felt comfortable enough to do so, until I had a life that I was content with and didn’t feel like running away as much (there were still days when I wanted to go hide away but not as many as there were at the start).

During this most recent move, I have reacted the best (I would say so anyway, you can ask Dana or Lilly and see what they have to say about it). What I have found works best for me is to just drive around and just see what is in the town and what is close by. Once you know what is close by, you can make little plans to go to different stores to see what options you have and then eventually you get into the swing of things. You have a routine that feels familiar but is different from your old routine but that is okay because it fits in your new life. I also recommend checking out all of the different coffee shops you can because any obstacle in life is easier to manage when you face it with a good cup of coffee.

It’s okay to be afraid of changes. But in the end, life moves on and the changes that you thought were huge just become a part story in your life.

Embrace the changes you face, or at least try to with a good cup of coffee in your hand 🙂


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